Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Samantha Noel, Sammie Jo, BamBam, Jo Jo....

December 29, 1990 was a most wonderful day! Samantha Noel Kiser was born and what joy she brought to her family. Cassidy was so excited to have a sister and I was so excited to have another beautiful daughter. Larry was a little worried we would have all girls and he wouldn't ever have a son. Well, as the the story goes.... he ended up with more sons than daughters but that's a story for another day! Anyway, how could anyone be more blessed than I felt that day? I was so lucky to have been chosen by my Heavenly Father to be the mother of such a special child. Samantha has brought me so much happiness and love. She is ray of sunshine and always fun to be around. Anyone who knows Sammie knows what a happy person she is. When Sam walks in the room, everyone feels better. She brings with her so much joy and fun wherever she is. She is always good for a laugh or a joke or a line from a movie. I know the Lord knew what a treat she would be to have in our home and He knew our home was the perfect one for her. We have had very few issues with Sam. She has been obedient, kind, respectful, helpful, cooperative, fun-loving, sweet, funny, happy, and anything else that describes a wonderful daughter. She was almost the perfect teenager. She always came home on time and seemed to make good choices along the way. Everyday, I express gratitude for the blessing that she is in my life. Sammie Jo, thank you for being such an incredible daughter for laughing with me and at me, for making me smile, for sharing your kindness and love, for making everyone around you feel welcome and accepted, for being a great sister to Cassidy and a great example to your brothers. They all adore you so. The world is definitely a better place since you came to earth that blessed winter day. I know having a birthday 4 days after Christmas isn't the best, but we cherish you as a very special gift from heaven. May you never forget that. On this your 20th birthday, please know of the love I feel for you and the joy I have had in being your mother. May you have many, many more happy birthdays to come. I know your life will be full of many wonderful things and I can't wait to experience them with you. Your mother loves you dearly. Happy Birthday my sweet Sammie!!!! xoxoxoxo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanks Cassidy.....

Cassidy always seems to be my hook-up for cool things. She told me to read her blog about Shutterfly christmas cards and so I did. I clicked on the links and was so impressed with what I saw. I have heard a lot about Shutterfly over the past couple of years but hadn't ever done anything with their company. I was, however, so pleased with all the choices and the beautiful designs they offered for Christmas cards. You too can see these great choices here. I was mostly looking for photo cards but they also have a great variety of regular Christmas cards here. I am always looking for great invitations/birthday cards and so in the future I will be looking to Shutterfly to meet my needs. Click here to view your options. I am so excited about how easy it is to use Shutterfly online. You only need to select a picture of your choice and download it to the Christmas card you want. Anyone can do it! Thanks Shutterfly for making it such a painless experience especially at this crazy time of year!! I have included some of my favorite photo cards. Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prince Cole....

So Wednesday night at 8:45 Cole went into the operating room to have his appendix removed and then on Friday morning at 10:30 he was escorted by his two beautiful sisters as he was crowned Homecoming Prince! It's been a crazy week to say the least. He started having stomach pains Tuesday morning and after trying everything we could think of, we finally took him into the emergency room on Wed. at 2 pm. He got on WebMD and decided that he had appendicitis and needed to get to the hospital. I could tell he was in a lot of pain and this wasn't just the flu. So, off we went to the ER. He wants to be a doctor so was teasing that he self-diagnosed and so definitely the medical field was the direction he should pursue!

Cassidy and Sam arrived at 10:00 am to be at the assembly by 11:00. What great sisters he has to come such a distance to share this fun time with him. He was definitely the luckiest Homecoming Court member with two beautiful girls on his arm. The princess is his girlfriend, Teresa Rigby. They look great together. Such a handsome couple! Anyway, his first dance was last night as well. I will post pictures of that when I get a minute to download them.

He wasn't able to play in the football game, obviously, but was good to support the team and stand on the sidelines the entire game. When his name was announced at the assembly, the entire football team that was sitting together, gave him a standing ovation! It was really cool. It's been a whirlwind week, but so much fun. I'm proud of Cole and the amazing young man he is. He is a good example to those around him and I know many look up to him. I am a lucky mom to have him as my son!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cassidy Elizabeth Kiser Woodbury

On September 30, 1988, a beautiful red-headed daughter was born to Larry and Julie Kiser and they were never the same. After 9 months of anticipating whether a boy or girl would grace their home, a little girl had been sent from heaven above. The smile on her daddy's face was priceless. Cassidy, you have brought me so much joy and happiness for 22 years now. Everyday, I feel blessed that the Lord loved me enough to share you with me and give me the privilege of being your mother. It's truly hard to believe that it has been 22 years since that wonderful day. Thank you for your beauty, your love, your kindness, your generous gifts, your laughter, your creativity, your friendship, your loyalty to your family, your love of the gospel, your love of your sister and your adoration for your brothers, your passion for all things beautiful, your kind heart, your great husband, your love of sports, your fun food ideas, your desire to please others, your love of babies and little children, your great ideas and so much more. You brighten everyone's day just by being you. Everyone who knows you is better because you are a part of their life. I hope you know I'm not just saying all this because I'm your mom. Ask anyone who knows Cassidy..... they will agree. The world was changed that beautiful autumn day 22 years ago for the better. I hope this is a wonderful birthday and that you know truly how much you are loved and cherished. I'm glad you are coming to be with me this weekend. I am so looking forward to it. Happy, happy birthday beautiful Cassidy. Your mom loves you dearly!!! xoxoxoxo

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

This will be short and sweet but I just had to thank all the amazing people in my life that have texted, phoned, dropped by treats, sent cards and/or gifts, made me breakfast in bed (thanks my cute husband), took me to lunch (thanks my cute husband), etc on my birthday. As I get older, it really isn't the gifts that matter. It's the kind words and the nice gestures that make a birthday happy. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I mean that. I feel so loved today. I have such a wonderful husband and children who are so kind to me and show me they love me daily. What more could a girl want? Notice I have said girl twice........ well, that's how I feel. I know I am older and getting older but I feel young, act young :) and will remain so as long as I can!!! So, thanks again to wonderful family, friends and neighbors who have made my day the best ever!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is It Too Early.....

I know fall isn't for a few more weeks but the way it feels outside, I am getting that "fall feeling" and I have mixed emotions about it. As you all know, I am a fall fanatic. I am always excited about the change in the air and the physical feeling that fall brings. However, now that I have lived in Idaho for 6 years, my feelings about fall arriving have changed. Winter follows fall way too closely and I am still enjoying summer. But today, it's only mid-60's and I'm wearing a cardigan. This is too early in the season. I heard someone the other day say that "they say winter is coming early this year." First of all, who is "they", and second of all when summer didn't start until the last week of June, how can winter possibly be showing it's ugly head early? I mean really. The frustrating thing is that who can you complain to? Mother Nature is going to do whatever the heck she wants to. She doesn't care that I'm sick of being cold 9 months out of the year. It matters little to her. So I guess this is one of those times "if you can't beat 'em, join em." So, I now have a fall blog background and I am going to light my fall candle Samantha gave me even though I have held off because in the back of my mind I thought that if I lit it, it would bring cooler weather sooner. So, here we go..... a fall background, fall candle..... I may have my fall decorations out this week. Who knows? On the other hand, if it warms up, you may see my background change back to something more suitable to summer and I may burn my citrus mango candle again!!! Crazy weather. Who says there is global warming? Not in Idaho, that's for sure!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

So..... Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been in Pocatello, Idaho all week. It's quite exciting for us Eastern Idahoans! My neighbor, Greg Hansen, is the General Manager over the project for Rockwell Homes. Just FYI, Rockwell built our home. Anyway, our other good friend, Mitch Brian has created and maintained Rockwell's website. So, between the two of them we were pretty connected. I received a text yesterday saying that "The Kiser's" were invited to come to Pocatello and receive VIP passes to see the house. It was so amazing! I can't believe what had been accomplished in 6 days! I honestly think angels were helping. The story is that the mother of the house has cancer. If I understand correctly, when she contracted cancer the father left her and her 9 children. Then last year, they had an electrical fire in their home. So for many months they have been living on their property with some in a borrowed 5th wheel trailer and the boys in a tent...... wow! Do you feel so blessed right now to have a roof over your head? From what I heard, they are a great family and very deserving of this miracle. We toured the house last night and it is beautiful. They did some great things and the kitchen...... let's just say the mother will LOVE it! It's just such a feel good thing.
Now I know Cassidy is disappointed I didn't get a picture with Jillian and even my picture of Ty is borrowed but while we were there, the celebrities were at a fundraiser for the family. I don't know when the show will air but I will try to keep you updated as I know more. Sam and her cute friend Hayley joined us last night and they seemed to really enjoy themselves, too. Well, that's about it for now. I hope this post finds you all well, happy and counting your blessings everyday!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's been party time at the Kiser's. First Cole turned 16 on June 22nd and then Quinn turned 12 on July 15th. Where we live in Ammon, there is a great little convenience store called "Speedimart." If you've been to visit me you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, they are perfectly happy to let anyone use their marquee for birthdays, anniversaries, missionary calls, welcome homes, etc. So, I thought it would be fun to post something about Cole's birthday. Cole thought it was pretty cool but it's now the 17th of July and it's still up! He's wishing someone else would have use of the marquee and change it. It's hard to believe that my youngest child is 12, done with elementary school and primary and moving onto young mens and middle school. Where has the time gone. Wasn't I a mom always surrounded by small children? When we were in Oregon, I was looking at my 5 children standing around me and couldn't believe that we were all almost the same size (give or take a couple of inches) but really. It's a weird reality. And, now that Cole is an inch taller than me, I've reached a new stage..... I have a child that is taller than me and I have to look up to look into his eyes. Since my girls are shorter than me, this is the first time this has happened.
It's exciting and sad all at the same time. I loved being a mother of young children but absolutely love, love being a mother of older children. We have so much fun together. We are friends and we laugh and play and its just the best. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with amazing children. They truly have brought me so much joy. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that he sent them to me!! Lucky me!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What month is it again?

So, this past weekend was the Idaho Falls baseball tournament. On friday night during Brady's first game, there was a major downpour. I mean heavens opened, rain falling in buckets downpour. So, they postpone the game by about 1 1/2 hours to wait for the rain to stop and then prepare the fields. By the time they started up again the schedule was so messed up. When his game ended it was 8:00 pm. The next 2 teams to play were anxiously waiting their playing time. I asked myself, "hmmm Brady's second game is supposed to be at 8:00, I wonder when they will get to play?" A couple of parents came over to tell me that we would be playing at 10:00, that is pm, thank you very much! So, I go home, put on long johns, sweatshirt, parka, gloves, etc to return for the 10:00 game. This story is all fine and good but can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? Hello! It's June 4 for heaven's sake. After 9 baseball games in 2 days, very little sleep and cold wind blowing on me for 2 days (make that 3 days cuz Quinn had a game Thurs. night in the freezing cold) I now have a cold! I'm really not complaining because I LOVE watching my boys play baseball. I know I'm crazy and people ask me how I watch 8 plus games a week but I always answer "there's no place I'd rather be!" Someday they will be gone and I will be aching for a baseball game to watch. Plus, Quinn's team won the championship! Yeah! If Idaho weather would just cooperate and not be so bi-polar it would help my baseball experience immensely. I guess people in Idaho are used to it. I've lived here almost 6 years and I'm not used to it! Who would think in June you would need long johns on to watch a baseball game!! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Again......

I know this may come as a complete shock but yes I decided to post on my blog. I have been reading Cassidy and Sam's a lot lately and it made me want to post. Cassidy told my crazy story that happened this week so I won't bore everyone with repitition. Suffice it to say.... it's truly is a small world!!
I'm posting this cute picture of one of my darling students, Juan Rodriguez. Juan moved to California on friday so he will no longer be in our class. He has been such a sweet boy to be around. I was surprised at how sad I was when I heard he was moving. When I hugged him on friday, I have to admit I was holding back a tear. Oh how easy it is to become attached to these sweet children. Kindergarteners have a way of grabbing hold of your heart and never letting go. Imagine me on June 5th when I have to say goodbye to all of them! Because of the cutbacks in the school system, I won't have a job as an aide in the fall. I have mixed feelings about it because I have really enjoyed working only 3 hours a day and having days off when my kids do. Anyway, may favorite Juan R. story goes something like this.....all the kids had been sent to the bathroom and to get a drink before recess. I have to go stand in the hall because really can you trust 17 kindergarten boys to go to the bathroom all alone? I don't think so. So, anyway, by the time Juan came out there was only myself and 4 or 5 girls standing in line at the drinking fountain. I look over at him just as he crosses one leg over the other, puts one hand behind his head and leans against the wall and says, "Well helloooooo ladies!" I thought I would die laughing. Where do they come up with these things? It was so funny. I know it would be funnier in real life because I would actually show you the pose but it was very funny. I don't care who you are!!! :)

Well, I hope this finds you all well and happy. Life is good and I am very blesssed. I pray you feel the same about your life. Who couldn't be happy with a wonderful husband, amazing kids and the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life? Smile daily, pray always and remember who loves you!!
P.S. That isn't my rearend in the background of the picture. It can't possibly be. I'm the one taking the picture..... just in case you were wondering! :)
Another P.S. Do you love that Juan is wearing a bathing suit to school? How about those flames? I guess he's getting ready for California!!