Monday, June 7, 2010

What month is it again?

So, this past weekend was the Idaho Falls baseball tournament. On friday night during Brady's first game, there was a major downpour. I mean heavens opened, rain falling in buckets downpour. So, they postpone the game by about 1 1/2 hours to wait for the rain to stop and then prepare the fields. By the time they started up again the schedule was so messed up. When his game ended it was 8:00 pm. The next 2 teams to play were anxiously waiting their playing time. I asked myself, "hmmm Brady's second game is supposed to be at 8:00, I wonder when they will get to play?" A couple of parents came over to tell me that we would be playing at 10:00, that is pm, thank you very much! So, I go home, put on long johns, sweatshirt, parka, gloves, etc to return for the 10:00 game. This story is all fine and good but can someone tell me what's wrong with this picture? Hello! It's June 4 for heaven's sake. After 9 baseball games in 2 days, very little sleep and cold wind blowing on me for 2 days (make that 3 days cuz Quinn had a game Thurs. night in the freezing cold) I now have a cold! I'm really not complaining because I LOVE watching my boys play baseball. I know I'm crazy and people ask me how I watch 8 plus games a week but I always answer "there's no place I'd rather be!" Someday they will be gone and I will be aching for a baseball game to watch. Plus, Quinn's team won the championship! Yeah! If Idaho weather would just cooperate and not be so bi-polar it would help my baseball experience immensely. I guess people in Idaho are used to it. I've lived here almost 6 years and I'm not used to it! Who would think in June you would need long johns on to watch a baseball game!! :)