Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 Memories

Every year my live is filled with so many memories. How do I put them into words or remember them all.... Well, I know this won't be a complete list but here is my attempt at some of the memories that stand out as I sit here reminiscing over 2008.

Fireworks in the cold on New Years Eve with the Hassells and the Howes

Spring break in California with the Howes - Cheesecake factory, road ralley, Six Flags, dinner at Sheri and Rods, Easter morning, Cass and Sam wrestling on the kitchen floor, visiting Gary and Lisa in Auburn, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco, pictures on the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Lombard street, Pier 39 and Ghiradelli square.

Baseball games galore. 6 games every saturday, and every tues and thurs., homeruns, grand slams, gatorade, candy bars, licorice, sunflower seeds, cheering, sunshine and smiles.

Cassidy comes for the weekend with Kenzie, Lexi, Adrianna, Savannah, suitcases full of dolls and stuffed animals, giggling, Garcias, pedicures, movies.

Memorial Weekend in Utah - Cassidy and Cole crash on scooter, 6 stitches! Family party at Robin and Ken's, Baseball games in Alpine and Heber.

Cole turns 14, Quinn is 10, Brady 12 Cassidy 20 and Sammie Jo 18!

4th of July at the Oregon Coast - parade, sand, fireworks(Thanks Ward), good food, laughter, splasing in the ocean, Kiser family reunion, slide show, playing games, great music (thanks Cass and Sam) always great music when the girls are around :), boardwalk at Seaside, carousel with miss Sydney, great seafood, chocolate covered strawberries, salt water taffy....

Lava Hot Springs for Jenkins family reunion, scrabble, rafting, high dives, water slides, campfire, fishing, s'mores, watermelon, Grandma's birthday, maple nut :), Cassidy's belly flop, Janna's back flop!, hot springs.

Many wonderful visits to Utah - family dinners, adult night out, movies, snowboarding, lots of yummy food, lots of laughing, lots of love, shopping with mom and sisters, birthday lunches.

Cameron and Quinn crashing on scooter in neighborhood!

Football, football, football.... Great teams to watch BYU, Hillcrest Knights, Cole, Brady and Quinns teams, touchdowns, concussions, bruises, twisted ankles, blown out knees, lots of ibuprofen!

Meeting Trevor for the first time - Cheesecake factory, Julie hyper from energy drink, Julie, Cass and Sam giggling and silly, Trevor not sure what he's getting into:) Trevor is wonderful, kind, sweet, gentle, patient.... soooo tall!!!

My birthday - girls night in Utah with dear friends, mom, sisters, daughters

Halloween in Utah - vampires, nerds, a werewolf, crayola box, army guys, hippie, thing 1 and thing 2, too much candy, hyper kids,

Thanksgiving at Dave and Tammy's - beautiful tables(Thanks Cass), amazing food, good company, games, fun, yummy desserts, great memories.

Christmas 2008 - Cassidy home, Sam sings at Trinity Methodist Church on Christmas Eve, snow falling, new jammies, little sleep, excitement, pictures, santa comes, magic, fun, laughter, peace and contentment.

New Years 2008 - Celebrate at Jenny's, Martinelli's, countdown to 2009, games, Jenkins family gift exchange, a reminder that family is everthing and I am blessed with the best. My hope is that 2009 far exceeds 2008. There are many new memories to make and my feeling is that 2009 is going to be one of the best years ever!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year everyone....

We had the most wonderful holiday break. I don't have much time right now but I promise pictures and text very soon to tell you all about it. I trust you all had as terrific of a holiday as I did. Smile and MAKE it a good day.